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What is the weather in Czech Republic? 5 sites to check the weather forecast

28. 12. 2008

When you're traveling somewhere, you often want to know the weather. Is it sunny? Is it going to rain? Is there any snow? Presenting our five favourite weather forecast websites for you to check the weather.

Where to find best weather services for weather in Czech Republic, in Europe or in the whole world? Searching Google might be the quickest answer, but certainly not the only one. We picked for you handful of services useful for weather forecasts, so if you are planing you traveling and booking hotel, you know what to prepare yourself for.

  1. BBC Weather

    BBC Weather offeres 5 day forecast for any large city in the world. For example - weather forecast for Prague
  2. Weather Online

    You can see up to 8 days into the future (well, kinda) with WeatherOnline.co.uk
  3. Intellicast

    Also Intellicast looks quite promising. For Prague, it can forecast weather, humidity, precipitation, snow etc. And goes up to 10 days into the future.
  4. New Meteo.pl

    There is also experimental numerical weather forecast from Poland. In Europe, especially Central Europe, it offers you the most detailed forecast I've ever seen. Of course, you have to play with it a little.
  5. Medard

    Finally, there is Czech project Medard,offering arguably the most reliable forecast for Czech Republic (in my experience, that is). It is available in both Czech and English. Again, a bit harder to master but excellent tool nevertheless.
I hope you will experience the best possible weather, but even if it doesn't go that well, nevermind. There are some things you can't control. But some things you can control all the time. With our unique hotel booking system, you can pick exactly the room in exactly the time and town you want. So, in a way, you are even in control of the weather, if you use the weather forecast services :-)


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