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Dancing around the world

11. 11. 2008

As far as travelers go, Matt is a unique example. Not because he travels for a living and got paid for all his traveling. But because, thanks to blogs and video sharing sites, he has become one of the internet's celebrities. And all he did was start a dance craze ...

7 continents, 55 countries and counting

Matt Harding travels around the world. Usualy by plane. And in each country, he finds a special site, gives someone his camere and asks them to take a picture of him. But there is a catch. The camera is set on video mode.  And Matt does the inevitable ... his crazy dance which has since transcended boundaries and cultures.  Take a look ... .

1st video that started it all

His video gained immediate attention around the blogosphere. Before he knew it, news and talkshows started to call him. Then, the Stride company saw his movie and offered him a deal he couldn't refuse: "Do one more video like this. We will cover the expenses." Matt bought the biggest map he could find and started to plan.

2nd video

Could Matt somehow improve these beautiful videos? Well, he tried. In 2008, this new video came out. And in many ways, he's added a few new twists to it:

3rd video

He said that this is the last video. Well, let's hope he will return with some more fresh ideas.

Bon Voyage!

Matt said in many interviews that traveling is actually very cheap. You would spend more money at home, paying for cable, internet, gas... He recommends Asia and South America since there you can see a lot for not that much money.

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